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We welcome distributor and retailer inquiries.  Contact Rodney Davis at 415.283.8874.
To Distributors:
We look to build relationships with market-leading, regional distributors.  Our goal is to provide distributors and retailers a profitable, well executed brand.  Following a running 12 month marketing plan, Cappiello Wines provides aggressive marketing support for distributors with direct mail, promotional buys, new product introductions, sales incentives, and point of purchase marketing for both on and off site retailers.
To licensed on-site establishments:
Cappiello hits the mark for profitable wine-by-the-glass and volume bottle sales.  Our label is an easy sell; eye-catching behind a bar, pleasing to look at on a dining table or while being poured to a room full of wedding guests.  Following a running 12 month marketing plan, Cappiello Wines provides direct marketing support for on-site establishments with promotional buying opportunities, point of purchase support, and our savvy use of social media and marketing.
To the off-site retail trade:
We were thinking about off-site retailers as well.  Fine California varietals, plus graphics that grab the consumer's eye, equals repeat sales.  Sell more wine with Cappiello Wines.
Contact Cappiello Wines:
Rodney Davis, Proprietor
Cappiello Wines
Mill Valley California
Cappiello Wines 2018 California Rose

Cappiello Wines 20l8 California Rose label

Cappiello 2017 Suavignon Blanc Label

Cappiello Wines 2017 Sauvignon Blanc label

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